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Oh Dude Hella GUI February 26, 2009

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Ok. So. I made a new post on this blog, and yes, I did put it back online. Goddamn it.

So anyway, this morning, Apple announced that Safari 4 is gonna be 3 times faster than Firefox.

Safari 4, image taken of Lifehacker

Safari 4, via Lifehacker

Also, the browser takes the tab features we’re all used to and makes it hella pretty in regular mac fashion. For those of you who know me, you might take me as a Microsoft or linux fanboy (basically anything thats not mac).

It’s all about GUI really. Apple takes things that are already there and makes them pretty and easy to use. It is not made clear wtf not Windows can’t do this. Which brings me to the next image:

After having played with Windows 7, I feel like it’s just repackaged Vista (minus the annoying feature that asks permission to do any task on gods green earth, including using the mouse). So I have no idea why Windows released Vista, instead of just Windows 7 the first time.

GUI is not hard. It should be the first things these companies focus on. We can take Ubuntu 8.10 (linux) and stick a new gnome-skin on it, put avant-window-navigator on it, and we essentially get OSX. We can put a new skin on Vista and make it look like OSX (Ironically we can’t put a new skin on OSX, we can’t even make the top bar un-transparent).

This is my Vista desktop:

My Vista Desktop

My Vista Desktop

Why can’t Windows look like this out of the box? Instead, HP puts so much bloatware on these 2gb ram computers that they cannot even function without an out-of-the-box-reformat. This is why macs will win in the long run. Imma go download the Safari 4 beta now.



1. Lasitha Silva - February 26, 2009

He..he..great post mate. I also still use Win XP but I know Vista sucks. Keep posting and keep us enlightened. My next step: download Safari 4 beta. Cheers!!

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