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Hella need baseball help! May 15, 2009

Posted by ecomnomnom in Baseball.
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Manny being Manny

Manny being Manny

I know at this point I could probably count the readers of this blog on my fingers (on one hand), but I have a baseball question, so I am calling all baseball fans and stats majors from other blogs, who might stumble here by accident and leave a comment.

I’ve been thinking about how to maximize the utility of my pitchers on my baseball fantasy team, and I have been attempting to sort players by their ERA. After significant work in excel, I created a NORMSDIST plot and tried to assign pitchers their percentile.

However, I’m not sure: Are ERAs even normally distributed? Is the probability a bell curve? I created a histogram to try to find out:

2009 Baseball ERAs

2009 Baseball ERAs

In that histogram, I got rid of all pitchers who pitched less than seven innings (Including some dude named Chad Fox and his 450 ERA), and I am left with something that looks kinda like a bell curve. I don’t really want to go test  historical records, so I am curious, does anyone know?

*Note: I don’t know very much about baseball. In fact, I only got into it this year. Be patient with me.