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Hella Fantasy Baseball June 17, 2009

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I have created a giant spreadsheet to calculate the usefulness of a player to fantasy baseball.

I have called this statistic the PRU: Pitching Relative Usefulness.

The PRU Calculator

The PRU Calculator

There will also eventually be the BRU, the batting relative usefulness, and I will upload that later.

Best Pitchers

Most Useful Pitchers

So lets talk about the PRU. The PRU weighs pitchers by the five default categories in Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball. To be specific, it ranks all those players, puts them into a percentile, and then averages these percentiles. The PRU is a number 1-100. There is also the SPPRU (for starting pitchers) and the RPPRU (for relievers).

Now, many of you know that I don’t know anything about baseball, and have only started following it this year. I don’t actually know if this statistic is good, or if someone has attempted it before. Keep me informed.

OK. Now let me put up some tables of the rest.

1 greinke,zack 95.81099
2 broxton,jonatha 93.82901
3 weaver,jered 93.24342
4 haren,dan 92.97315
5 halladay,roy 92.70288
6 jackson,edwin 91.30649
7 cueto,johnny 90.76595
8 johnson,josh 89.95514
9 lilly,ted 89.68486
10 verlander,justi 89.59477

And then the relievers:

1 broxton,jonatha 94.95501
2 rodriguez,franc 90.81087
3 bell,heath 90.40546
4 soriano,rafael 89.1442
5 nathan,joe 88.69375
6 bailey,andrew 88.51357
7 howell,j.p. 87.92798
8 madson,ryan 87.83789
9 downs,scott 86.26132
10 aardsma,david 85.49555

So it turns out I have the 9th and 10th most useful relievers in our league. Anyway, sorry this post was so long. The spreadsheet for pitchers is here.


Hella need baseball help! May 15, 2009

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Manny being Manny

Manny being Manny

I know at this point I could probably count the readers of this blog on my fingers (on one hand), but I have a baseball question, so I am calling all baseball fans and stats majors from other blogs, who might stumble here by accident and leave a comment.

I’ve been thinking about how to maximize the utility of my pitchers on my baseball fantasy team, and I have been attempting to sort players by their ERA. After significant work in excel, I created a NORMSDIST plot and tried to assign pitchers their percentile.

However, I’m not sure: Are ERAs even normally distributed? Is the probability a bell curve? I created a histogram to try to find out:

2009 Baseball ERAs

2009 Baseball ERAs

In that histogram, I got rid of all pitchers who pitched less than seven innings (Including some dude named Chad Fox and his 450 ERA), and I am left with something that looks kinda like a bell curve. I don’t really want to go test  historical records, so I am curious, does anyone know?

*Note: I don’t know very much about baseball. In fact, I only got into it this year. Be patient with me.